Saturday March 23rd

From 2pm – 6pm at the Fisheries Museum / Reaper.

  • Acoustic sets from GB, PD, KC.
  • Electronic sets from Jataak Mulk, The Lost Past Society, Chris Dooks.
  • Acoustic / electronic installation and more from A Happy Return.

Tickets £30 each (cash) from the Community Kist, High Street, Anstruther, or online from the JAMP patreon page.

thirty cubed

From December 2023, fence (and king creosote) hope to celebrate their 30th year with a series of 30 haphazard gigs in several N.E. Fife (30 capacity) venues, starting in the Dreel Halls on Wednesday 13th at 7.30pm with Gummi Bako, Pip Dylan and kc. Tickets priced £15 are available from the Community Kist on Anstruther’s High Street.

Jamp Crail